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The Power of Shared Knowledge – Spotlight on Gary

According to Gary, 皇冠手机登录网址新2科技的超能力是组织中每个人共享信息的方式. Whether the communication takes the form of client meetings, one-to-one discussions with colleagues, or creating documentation, the outcome is that people gain understanding. 理解是建立联系和促进前进的必要条件. Gary是Bellwether的项目资源人员,在他为公司工作的28年里,他为客户推动了许多向前发展, colleagues, and his own professional career. 自从他在[…]开始从事IT工作以来,在过去的四十年里,他看到了很多变化。

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Microsoft 365 Business Premium’s Security Advantage 

If you’ve ever been confused by Microsoft 365 licensing, you’re not alone. 微软以许多不同的捆绑包提供他们的应用程序,这些捆绑包旨在满足从基础到企业级的各种业务需求. 虽然很难准确地解读每个订阅中包含的内容, the good news is that there’s most likely one that’s just right for you. You just have to figure out which one. 微软通过盒装CD向你提供办公应用的时代已经一去不复返了. Everything is now offered on a monthly or annual […]

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Microsoft Teams已经成为那些喜欢在一个工作空间中使用他们每天使用的应用程序的组织最喜欢的协作平台. 你知道现在可以把你所有的电话通讯都放到Teams里吗? 移动到团队电话可以解决你现在在电话系统上遇到的许多问题. It’s time for an upgrade if you have poor call quality and dropped calls; high maintenance costs and concerns about security; or the system is just too inflexible and takes too much time to manage. Razorline, a local business communications provider, installs Teams Phones […]

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The Clock is Ticking for Server 2012 End-of-Support

The clock is ticking for Server 2012 End-of-support

Windows Server 2012和2012 R2操作系统将于10月10日停止支持, 2023, and cyber-criminals are rubbing their hands in anticipation. Why? 因为他们知道将会有很多网络继续运行不受支持的软件,当新的安全漏洞被发现时,这将使它们很容易被利用. 运行不受支持的软件是一个很大的风险,因为开发人员不再创建安全补丁来减轻发现的新漏洞. 网络犯罪分子将继续发现新的漏洞,他们可以通过未打补丁的软件潜入计算机. Once […]

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The Value of Cybersecurity Awareness Training

What's the value of cybersecurity awareness training?

新2手机会员登录网址大全意识培训包含在我们向Bellwether客户提供的安全服务中. 我们这样做是因为我们明白新2手机会员登录网址大全不仅仅是技术问题. 这是关于行为和培训员工的最佳实践,这样他们就不会无意中让网络入侵者进入他们的设备和雇主的网络. 7月被称为勒索软件月,提醒人们这类恶意软件对各地公司构成的威胁. Ransomware is just one kind of malware that pervades the internet. Why focus on this one kind and not the others? Ransomware […]

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Extreme Dedication – Spotlight on Rodney

Extreme Dedication - Spotlight on Rodney with employee headshot

Rodney is the Professional Services Manager at Bellwether. He’s been working in the IT industry for more than three decades, with most of those years being at Bellwether. 在他上高中的时候,他的姐夫把他带进了科技世界,他对计算机产生了兴趣. He found that he loved it but his career in IT almost didn’t take off. 罗德尼正要走出家门,去温蒂餐厅当主管,这时他接到了波科·斯洛斯的电话, owner of Bellwether, which was called ComputerLand at the time. Poco […]

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Bellwether Technology Corporation is a New Orleans Top Workplace 2019-2023

Bellwether Technology Corporation is a New Orleans Top Workplace 2019 - 2023

(June 26, 2023 – New Orleans, LA) – For the fifth year in a row, Bellwether Technology Corporation, a managed IT services company, has been named a Top Workplace in New Orleans. 这一荣誉要归功于贝尔韦瑟的员工,他们通过一项保密调查提供了他们对工作经历的反馈. 该调查收集了员工对公司文化和敬业度的感受,并将其与一个数据库中的基准进行了比较,该数据库包括来自70多个国家的2700多万份调查,000 organizations over the course of 16 years. “Ultimately, it’s our employees who are responsible for the […]

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New Office Equipped for Collaboration and Comfort

位于新奥尔良上城区的卢尔德圣母教堂(Our Lady of Lourdes Church)的前教区建筑似乎不太适合一家以科技为核心的公司. 今年4月,我们将这座历史建筑作为公司总部,有意将当地历史与尖端技术形成鲜明对比. 自从2005年卡特里娜飓风吹过之后,这座建筑就一直空置着,但它的结构很好,很有趣. As we were scouting out the best location for our new office, 有趣和不同于传统的工作空间是很重要的,因为我们不仅仅想要[…]

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Compliance and the Expanding Need for Security Accountability

Compliance and the Expanding Need for Security Accountability

Companies that sell software, manufactured parts or legal services are very different types of businesses, yet all of them have something in common. 他们都面临着越来越需要证明他们正在保护他们收集的数据的问题, use and store. 有时,对安全遵从性的需求来自法律法规,但越来越多的组织需要安全遵从性, the need for security compliance is coming from their customers or vendors. In this article, 我们将探讨新2手机会员登录网址大全合规要求如何扩展到传统上没有受到监管的行业,并概述合规[…]

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Partnering with Your Cybersecurity Services Provider: Your Key Role

Partnering with Your Cybersecurity Service Provider: Your Key Role

新2手机会员登录网址大全不仅仅是技术工具和检查正确的框,以确保所有的软件协同工作. If it was, then security strategy would be a set-it and forget-it process. Unfortunately, 当你与外包新2手机会员登录网址大全服务提供商合作时,要建立坚实的网络防御没有简单的方法, you have a key role to play in your own security success. In fact, 而不是把与你合作的新2手机会员登录网址大全服务公司视为供应商, you should think of them as a partner. For a partnership to function, each […]

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